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We Love The Somatic Alchemist

Tami has been taking care of my face and body for a long time and I completely trust her experience, care and knowledge about skin and body treatments. I’m absolutely thrilled about her oils and have been using them for a while on my face and body. The oils give me more skin elasticity, brightness and a beautiful glow! I recently started using Venus/Energy and I’m so in love with the results! While going through menopause it is really helping me with the dryness and other symptoms that comes with it. By far those are the best organic products I’ve ever had.


I was looking for a skin and hair care product that would help me elevate my skin and hair routine.  I decided to purchase Rejuvenate and Rooted in Truth because I liked the mission statement and the transparency of the ingredients. I wanted to use products that were made with healing and loving intentions. 

Rooted in truth has helped me grow my hair thicker and stronger while staying moisturized, and rejuvenate has helped my skin maintain its hydration and youthful appearance.   It's a great investment for anyone who takes their hair and skin health seriously.   

L.A. Fortune

The rejuvenation oil is life changing! My skin responded so well to it. I have what’s commonly known as oily/combination skin and could never use a face oil because it would leave my face oily/greasy looking all day long. I also experience dry spots due to inflammation. When I started using the Rejuvenate Rebalancing Facial Elixir along with the Elevate spray, my skin responded immediately, the dry spots went away and my skin retained moisture all day without looking oily. When I ran out of the rejuvenation oil the dry patch went away and I immediately missed the oil and knew I had to order again.

Shanita P.

Love these oils.. they absorb quickly, never feel oily and my skin feels so much softer after just a few days of use.. and the fragrance makes me feel like it's a spa day every day! .. the smells alone instantly make me feel better!


Kiki (my dog) and I love The Somatic Alchemist everything. I’ve been using the Kansa wand more so on Kiki for her legs after a full day of running around...she LOVES the magic wand. She patiently lays down full of excitement when she sees it in my hand. She falls asleep pretty quickly after we get in a groove.


I’ve never seen a product that’s meant to rebalance the delicate feminine area. Venus energy has become my go to after showers. It’s light scent and lightweight oil makes my sensitive skin feel nourished. It’s my daily treat!


How to Set an Intention

Envision what you want to achieve in your mind and why. Then close your eyes, reach with in, and see it take shape. Allow what you see to empower you externally (see yourself healthy and whole). This art of feeling, seeing and believing helps to transform your thoughts into reality. This ancient practice has been used throughout centuries and it absolutely works once you know how to work with it. Now is your time to tap into your inner alchemy.

*Note an intention can be applied to every aspect of your life including the skincare products that you use. Therefore, place your product from The Somatic Alchemist in the palms of your hands and set your personal intention on how you want the product to enhance your skin health. Then allow that intention to emanate through the bottle so that every time it used your intention is amplified and your results are magnified.